Quality, flexibility and durability - That's what you can count on when you choose Polymac!

Our polyurethane fabrication experts can design and produce products to suit your precise needs. Whether you need a replacement part for your Mackay earthmoving equipment, new wheels for your forklift, sheets, boom slides or marine bushing, we have what you need and much more! We custom fabricate polyurethane for industrial, domestic, mining and rural applications.

Don't put up with frustrating downtime. Call Polymac today! We will provide you with the polyurethane product you need, fast and without fuss.

Why Use Polyurethane?

Polyurethane combines the elasticity of rubber with the durability of metal, making it the perfect material for a wide array of applications. The following are just a few of the major advantages of choosing polyurethane:

  • Polyurethane is highly versatile and can be customised to be as hard or soft as you need it to be
  • Polyurethane is a non-conductive and non-sparking material
  • Polyurethane is easily mouldable and can be produced to allow for elastic memory
  • Polyurethane is great for noise reduction
  • Polyurethane is lightweight
  • Polyurethane is cost-effective

High Resistance

One of the major advantages of choosing polyurethane is that it is extremely hard wearing, and won't be affected by elements that can damage plastic and metal components. Polyurethane is resistant to:

  • Abrasion
  • Cuts and tears
  • Dry heat
  • Oxygen
  • Ozone
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Cold flow
  • Fire
  • Mould
  • Fungus
  • Mildew
  • Corrosion
  • High impacts


Another huge benefit to choosing polyurethane is that specialised additives can be incorporated to better suit your specific needs. Among the additives we offer at Polymac are:

  • Impregnated graphite: Reduces friction, increases service life and reduces service wear (typically used for truck suspension bushes)
  • FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static): Frequently used for underground coal mines and tested by the Mine Safety Technology Centre
  • Ceramics: Increases polyurethane wear resistance in abrasive environments (typically used for conveyor belt cleaners)


Our polyurethane products are available in a wide range of colours, including:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Sky blue
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Magenta

Fluro and natural colours are available.

Specialised Products

At Polymac Australia, we can manufacture customised polyurethane products for a broad range of industrial, domestic, rural and mining applications . The following are some examples of the specialised products we produce for clients throughout Mackay.

Caterpillar (Cat) Parts

Polymac has been involved with the refurbishing of quality Mackay Cat mounts for more than 18 years. We currently service the 3500 and 3400 series, though we plan to service other Cat mount types in the near future.

Polymac Truck Bushes

We produce 2 grades of 90A high-performance grade polyurethane for suspension: the straight polyurethane 90A high performance for suspension (red) and graphithane 90A graphite blended polyurethane (black/silver). Our truck bushes are long lasting and will not wear your housings or bind in. Bushings for most kinds of trucks and machinery are available.

Truck, Car, Trailer Suspension Components

Our team can fabricate a range of suspension parts, bushing and other components for a wide range of vehicles. We can customise our polyurethane for your specific model of car, truck or trailer - we guarantee durability as well as quality.

High Weld Self Lubricating Grader Turn Table & Slide Parts

We use graphithane LF75D (a product that has replaced steel in a wide range of areas). Replacement parts for 12, 14 and 16 grader types are offered by our team, and all of our products are low-maintenance.

Power Caps (Electrical)

Polymac power caps are non-corrosive and can suit 60amp, 125amp, 150amp and 300/425amp. Our power caps have stainless steel locking pins and are coloured according to Australian safety standards.

Wheels and Rollers

We can refurbish your old wheels and rollers as well as design and create new options to suit your needs. Our forklift wheels are long-lasting and won't leave marks on concrete and driveways. Boat rollers can also be manufactured by our team.

Sheets & Billets

The sheets and billets we manufacture are available in a range of colours, sizes and duros. They can be cut to size for benchtops as well as screen doors and a range of other applications. Sheetings, rods and nylons are also available. All duros under 90A cannot be machined and must be cast moulded.

Other Specialised Products

Among the other quality products our Mackay polyurethane professionals can manufacture are:

  • Hi-wear pads
  • Grader tablewear components
  • Boom slides
  • Conveyer cleaners and skirting
  • FRAS underground polyurethane products

Power Caps

Polymac Power Caps are Non-Corrosive and can suit 60AMP, 125AMP, 150AMP & 300/425AMP. Our Safety Standards.

Wheels & Rollers

Adcar & Forklift Wheels
Polymac fully refurbishes Adcar Conveyor Wheels. Renewing the Bushes & seals, Replacing the axle shaft and repairing any damage to the rim. The Polymac system of bonding and quality control has proven to substantially increase the life span of the wheels. This has led to a substantial reduction in down time and maintenance.

High Load Wheels
Polymac manufactures high load precision wheels to suit any application. Theses wheels have correct balance between load carrying and smooth easy motion.

Specialty Wheels & Rollers
Polymac can Custom make all size wheels & rollers to suit any application.

Polymac Manufactures Cable Rollers to all specifications our specialised FRAS Material ensures that our rollers can be used in Underground Mines.

Truck Brushes

Polymac produces two 90A (Duro) high performance grade polyurethane for suspension requirements:

  • Straight Polyurethane 90A High Performance for Suspension (Red)
  • Graphithane 90A Graphite Blended Polyurethane (Black Silver)

Adding Graphite reduces friction and increases service life. These truck bushes have been proven to last substantially longer than rubber bushes and they will not wear your pins or housings. We can supply any bushing required for your trucking or machinery, please call us with any queries.

Stock Codes

P/N BUSHTS1101 Large Tapered Graphite Bush
P/N BUSHTS1101R Large Tapered Red Bush
P/N BUSHTS1301 Small Tapered Graphite Bush
P/N BUSHTS1301R Small Tapered Red Bush
P/N BUSHTS1308G Two Piece Straight Bush

If you require a bush not listed Above Please give us a Call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Custom Made

Polymac prides itself on going above & beyond for their customers, in the past we have helped countless customers create & re-create parts that are hard to buy or no longer available for sale.

Polymac has helped in the re-design of many original parts giving them a longer wear life, whether it be for Farming, Mining or Road Machinery Polymac works with their customer to create parts that will decrease downtime & increase productivity.

Grader Slides & Cups

Grader Slides

Polymac Australia custom make a 600mm Polyurethane Grader Slides that can be cut to size to suit your needs. Graphite Powder is Added to our Slides to assist with self-lubrication & high wear situations. Grader Slides are available with either a 26mm or 28mm Void, depending on your machine.

Grader Ball Cup

Graphite infused Grader Ball Cups come in a range of sizes to suit most machines. Call Polymac today to discuss all of your grader needs.

Polyurethane Sheets

FRAS Sheeting

Polymac Can Custom Make all of your FRAS Sheeting requirements up to 3mtrs x 2.4mtrs with varying thicknesses. FRAS rated sheets can be used in Underground Mines with the attached Compliance Certificate. Quality Assurance testing is carried out by Polymac on each sheet we pour, these test results can be supplied on request.

Custom Sheets

Custom sheets in various colours can be supplied without a FRAS rating up to sizes of 3mtrs x 2.4mtrs with varying thicknesses. Polymac supply sheets to many industries including but not limited to; Mining, Automotive, Farming & Domestic. Call Polymac today with your sheeting requirements & we can suggest the best options for your needs.

Fire Resistant Anti Static

Fire Resistant Anti-Static (F.R.A.S) Additive can be used for most Polyurethane applications. It has been formulated to produce a polyurethane which will self-extinguish as well as reduce electrical resistance. Polymac used the highest quality chemical products to manufacture its extensive range of F.R.A.S rated Polyurethane Products.

FRAS Parts

Polymac works closely with Customers to design custom FRAS Rated parts, we pride ourselves on getting the parts to work 100% like they should, if this means multiple trial pieces Polymac is dedicated to making it happen.

FRAS Sheeting

Polymac Can Custom Make all of your FRAS Sheeting requirements up to 3mtrs x 2.4mts with varying thicknesses. FRAS rated sheets can be used in Underground Mines with the attached Compliance Certificate. Quality Assurance testing is carried out by Polymac on each sheet we pour, these test results can be supplied on request.

Download Compliance Documents:

M.S.T.C. Test Report T17-00501/0001
Test Report 09/1039
M.S.T.C. Test Report T17-00161/0001

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